Enrichment Programs

Performing Arts – This program introduces our 2 to 5 year olds to different forms of creative activity that are performed in front of an audience or camera such as drama, music, and dance.

Environmental Studies – is the study of human interaction with the environment. This program introduces our Pre-K, Transitional Kinder and Kindergarten students to various subjects in this field, such as gardening, bugs, recycling, scientific experimental studies and more.

Fast Track – is a program offered only during the summer. It is designed to tutor each enrolled student to the path of advancement. This program is good for students needing help with their studies, needing to play catch up on their academics, needing improvement in specific subjects (reading, math, writing, Spanish, etc.). Upon enrollment each student is assessed and given a customized curriculum designed to take them to their next level.

Kids Summer Camp – This one of a kind summer camp ministry program (non-denominational) is offered to students begin the ages of 5 – 12 and 13 – 18. There is a $300 fee for a 4 night camping experience in the Sequoia mountains. Babe Jackson as co-owner and Co-Director of this program guarantees the best four days of you child’s life. There is much to experience; zip-line, swimming, canoeing, rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, obstacle courses,