About Us

Tiny BaBe’s Playhouse was founded by Babe Jackson, and has educated many children since 2008. Babe has worked in the field educating children for over 20 years, she eventually decided to start her own business. Her credentials include an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration & currently working on Bachelors Degree in Child Development, Master Teacher Credential & Site Supervisor Credential.

Our center focuses on your kid’s development in terms of problem solving, decision making and self-help while promoting interpersonal communications at the same time. Self esteem and confidence are two major factors that contribute to the child’s development. We also implement accelerated curriculum and educational programs. Every enrolled child will learn basic American Sign Language, as it is a known fact that children who learned ASL has a higher IQ, do well on tests, and experiences limited frustration.

Provide your child the chance of acquiring substantial skills and knowledge even at an early age. At Tiny BaBe’s Playhouse, we give them the opportunity to have more time to explore and be exposed to a learning environment. Give your child the advantage of being at least two grade levels ahead by the time they are 4 and 5 years old by enrolling them at our center.

If your child is already in grade school, it is not to late for your child to be tutored on our “Fast Track Program”, which is a customized curriculum just for your child that is guaranteed to place him/her on the path of advancement in no time with the help and commitment of the parents.

Parents are very much welcome to visit Tiny BaBe’s Playhouse anytime of their convenience. Throughout the year, parents are also encouraged to volunteer their services during scheduled field trips, as requested in advance by the Director. Parents must also produce a healthy TB Skin Tests Results before coming, for the welfare of the kids in our center. This is a California State Licensing requirement.

We welcome parents who have partnered with childcare subsidized companies/programs. Tiny BaBe’s Playhouse is currently contracted with Crystal Stairs for (stage 1 and Stage 2) and Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

See what we have to offer, in terms of facilities and curriculum. Parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment with us for an exclusive tour of our site.


We believe you and your child(ren) will love Tiny BaBe’s Playhouse. We are positive your experience with us will be a great one and unmatched by all others. We guarantee after your child is enrolled with us for at least 3 to 4 years, your child is sure to be one to three grade levels ahead.
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