Client Testimonials

Dear Babe, thank you for all that you do to help me learn. I like it when we take pictures together. I like your smile. I like it when you scare me in the morning. I like your hugs. Thank you for being my favorite teacher. Love Gael.

Gael, 5 years old
Los Angeles, CA

Babe, thank you so much for simply always being able to put a smile on Damien’s face. It is so reassuring and comforting knowing that Damien is in good hands while his mommy and daddy are at work. Thanks for everything you do. You are a wonderful caretaker.

Mann, thank you so much for all your warm welcomes in the morning. You not only make Damien feel safe but you make my mornings start off right. Thanks so much for everything you all do for our baby and TiNy BaBe’s Playhouse.

Jose & Joanna Zendejas, Los Angeles, CA
Damien, 4 months old

Babe and Mann, thank you for helping Morgyn blossom into a wonderful toddler and teaching him new things everyday. With your help, love and passion for kids I see I picked the right place for him to be during the day. Some days he surprise me with something new he learned at school. My 2 year old can READ! Man! You don’t know  how proud I am as a mother to see my baby reading and sharing the joy with my family. Thanks a lot for all that you do!

Meka Muse, Torrance, CA
Morgyn, 2 years old

Uncle Mann, Kevin and I would like to say thank you for being apart of our “Village” in raising our two sons. We appreciate everything you have done for them and we are happy to have you as part of our family.

And to Babe, I don’t think saying thank you would ever be enough, well at least from us. Kevin and I truly believe that blessings come in all forms. You happen to be just to us, a blessing. We don’t know what we did to deserve you to be in our lives and our children’s lives, but I guess God felt that we could use someone like you to help not only our children but us as well. Having you has helped us become better parents and better role models for our boys. Having you as their teacher, we as a small “Village” are preparing our boys for greatness.

Thank you for being a blessing. Thank God for you using your purpose and thank you for always being there for our family … especially during the hard times. There were so many times we weren’t too sure about life in general but we knew God would bless us if we remained faithful and we are glad that he blessed us with you. We love you Babe! Thank you!

Kevin & Tia Boyer, Hawthorne, CA
Kaleb, 3 years old  & Kaden, 2 years old

Babe, thanks for being an amazing teacher. You have really brought out the best in Bre. she is very smart and her manners have improved drastically. I also appreciate how you provide healthy meals for Bre as well. A mediocre teacher tells. A good teacher demonstrates, but a great teacher inspires. You have inspired us to want better. We really appreciate all you do. And thanks to Mann for being such a helpful teacher. I like how you have helped Bre come a long way with her Math. Bre also said, you help her get along with others during playtime. We both appreciate all your support. Love always!

Brendice Hines, Los Angeles, CA
Breahni, 4 years old

Babe and Mann, first & foremost, we want to thank you both for the amazing care that you provide to our daughter, Grey. Since day one it’s been clearly evident of the love and care she receives at TiNy BaBe’s Playhouse. One of the biggest testaments to your efforts is demonstrated  daily when her face lights up when walking into her home away from home. From the enthusiastic hellos from the rest of the kids to the smile on her face when she see you all. It’s easy to see the amazing environment she’s in has had a great impact on Grey’s life. It’s not easy leaving your child in someone else’s care but from the beginning the family of TiNy BaBe’s Playhouse has made this more than easy. Thank you for caring for Grey as we would, getting her to eat peas, and showing her the love that’s so important to us that she has from the people in her life! Thank you both for all that you do! The Bergeons.

Derek & Elle Bergeon, Los Angeles, CA
Grey, 7 months old

TiNy BaBe’s Playhouse has been a wonderful blessing to my family. Our son started in March of 2013, and so far, things could not be better. Our son is an active toddler, who needs a firm loving voice, an opportunity for physical exercise/movement and an opportunity to be pushed to learn (or else he may get bored). Tiny Babe’s Playhouse provides all three of these benefits. The kids are really given tools in an accelerated manner. With Babe, the students gets specialized attention and focus, in a way that cannot be offered in a larger school setting.
I saw instant results in my kid’s aptitude, and his social development. Good and nutritional food is served as well.

Babe Jackson runs a wonderful program and takes a special interest in each of her students. There are several special events throughout the school year, such as bday parties for each students, egg painting during Easter, etc.

All I can say is, Babe really is a “Godsend” We feel lucky to have found her.

Delmar Thomas, Los Angeles, CA
Gael, 3 years old

Tiny BaBe’s Playhouse has been a Godsend. I searched far and wide looking for a daycare that could fit my schedule (which was not a normal 9 to 5) yet Tiny was more than willing to work with me. My son (15mos. at the time of enrollment) learned many things while there like sign language and social skills and she even helped me wean him off his pacifier and bottle. Babe’s a very caring person and very passionate about education. It has been a pleasure bringing my son to Tiny BaBe’s Playhouse.

Kyko Polk, Los Angeles, CA
Brycen Polk, 20 months old

Babe make sure u hold one of those spots for my baby, I promise I’m sending her to u. t2ul.

Silvia Broussard, Los Angeles, CA
Savannah, 12 months old

“If I could recommend any Day Care for your child, hands down, it would be Tiny BaBe’s Playhouse. I could share so much, but to keep it brief, my daughter Lyric has been with Tiny BaBe’s Playhouse since October 2010, and as a first time mom, you never what to expect, but let me tell you, I could never have asked for a better place for my daughter to be. After the first two months of Lyric being there she was able to count to ten. She was 16 months when I enrolled her, now eight months later, she is 2 years old and can identify some shapes (circle, square, star & heart), and with minimal assistance she can count to 100, can identify well over 72 site words EASY, and she was potty trained in 2 weeks flat. I cannot thank Babe enough. She not only takes good care of my baby and teach my baby, but she has made us apart of her family, and that is the best part of it all. Tiny BaBe’s Playhouse is the best Day Care out there.”

Harmony Roberts, Los Angeles, CA
Lyric, 2 years old

“Dre’s spelling his name now… and he does it like A…N…DRE, he likes the song…. That’s just update number one… Thanks we love you!”

Keisha Porter, Bellflower, CA
Andre, 4 years old

“Thanks for all your help today. I will post updates so you can know his progress.”

Keisha Porter, Bellflower, CA
Andre, 4 years old

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I found that we/Jr already have a lot of good habits and discipline with his reading but just a few minor tweaks during the last couple days that you offered has made a huge difference. For the very first time EVER… when I was reading out loud, he butted in and said, “I want to read this part!” So I let him! And also for the first time EVER… when we got to the end of a chapter and were going to close the book for a break, he wanted to read a little bit of the next page on the premise, he said, “lets see what his reaction was real quick!” So, WE thank you!!

Shannon Veasley, Palmdale, CA
Junior, 13 years old

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