List for 1st Day of School

  1. Enrollment Packet Completely filled out
  2. Annual Registration fee $200 for 0-14 mos., $350 for 15-23 mos. & $450 for 2-6 yr old
  3. 1st month’s tuition
  4. Physician’s Report <– Click this link to print out the form.
  5. Child’s Birth Certificate
  6. Child’s Immunization Record
  7. TB test results (for all children 2 years old & older)
  8. Hand soap (32oz.)
  9. One box of surgical gloves (size medium – 100 pair)
  10. One box of Kleenex
  11. One LONG Blanket for napping
  12. One crib sheet
  13. Both Parents’ CA ID
  14. Both Parents’ SS card (to accompany contract)
  15. Your choice of Infant Formula (for babies 0 – 12months old)
  16. One bottle
  17. One Sippy Cup
  18. Diapers – or Pull-ups for all potty training students
  19. Wipes
  20. Vaseline or A&D Ointment for diaper changing (not Desitin)
  21. A complete change of clothes
  22. One pair of DARK colored socked (that can remain)

This is a mandatory monthly contribution for children 1 to 3 years old (due the 1st of each month)

  1. One gallon of 1% Milk
  2. One box of Malt o Meal, Cream of Wheat or Grits (40 oz.)
  3. Your child’s favorite snacks

The Physician’s Report form needs to be filled out; signed and stamped by your child’s doctor and returned with the above items on your child’s first day. Please click here –>(Form) to retrieve and print out the Physician Report form.