Please be advised that our illness policy will be strictly enforced. We sincerely apologize in advance for any and all inconveniences.

  1. If your child has a “CLEAR” runny nose they are allowed to attend school, but “ONLY FOR 3 DAYS.” So we urge parents to work hard and fast at optimizing your child’s health because if their nose is still runny on the 4th day (even if it is clear) they will not be allowed to return until their runny nose/cold symptoms are GONE COMPLETELY.
  2. If your child’s nose is CONSTANTLY/PROFUSELY runny (even if it is clear) or they are CONSTANTLY sneezing and coughing. You will be notified to pick your child up from school IMMEDIATELY, and your child can return only when all their cold symptoms are GONE COMPLETELY.
  3. If you receive a call to pick up your child you are required to do so within the hour of the request.
  4. If your child won’t, can’t or refuses to properly cover his/her mouth during sneezing and/or coughing you will be notified to pick your child up from school IMMEDIATELY, and your child can return to school only when all their cold symptoms are GONE COMPLETELY.
  5. Now if your child has a “YELLOWISH or GREENISH” runny nose they are not permitted to attend school AT ALL until all their cold symptoms are GONE COMPLETELY. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. According to California State Licensing Policy we CANNOT EVER care for children with fevers, rashes and communicable or contagious diseases (such as lice, chicken pox, measles, ringworm, whooping cough, etc.) AT ALL. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  7. All CHRONIC ALLERGIES your child may have must be controlled and maintained by the parent. If your child has any major treatments needed to treat such chronic allergies this is the sole responsibility of the parent not the staff. All chronic allergy treatments must be administered off-site by the parents. No chronic allergy treatments will be administered by the staff.
  8. Our staff can administer nebulizers (inhaler pumps) and oral medication ONLY prescribed by the child’s doctor. The prescribed medication must accompany a note from the child’s doctor prior to any meds being administered. No exceptions.
  9. All allergies and allergic reactions that show up in the form of cold-like symptoms (runny nose, sneezing, coughing, etc.) will be treated as such and all the rules and regulations in this illness policy will apply.
  10. Doctor’s notes stating it’s ok for students to return to school because their symptoms are not contagious are not accepted if your child still has cold-like symptoms. Your child can return only when all their cold-like symptoms are GONE COMPLETELY. No exceptions.

Because “Germs Are Not For Sharing” we teach your children to cover their mouths while coughing or sneezing with the front inner part of their shirt/blouse so that they can direct it INSIDE the chest area of their shirt. We DO NOT allow them to use the palms of their hands (for obvious reasons) or the folds of their elbows because many times it is not always done properly. Many times they miss or do not have on long sleeves to catch the cough, sneeze, germs, etc., so we will greatly appreciate you encouraging/enforcing this method at home so that it becomes a habit and easy for them to do without having to think twice about it.

Remember … your child’s good health is your responsibility. It is our job to assist you.