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Welcome toTiny Babe's Playhouse

A comfortable home away from home is what we offer here at Tiny BaBe’s Playhouse. A place where learning blossoms. We are an independent, family home child care experience like no other.

Welcome to your child’s first learning classroom, Tiny BaBe’s Playhouse. We provide your little angels with premium early development education. Our focus is on kids newborn to 6 years old and our classroom has a maximum capacity of up to 14 kids. Our center provides Childcare, Preschool & kindergarten needs.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in small group sizes and an intimate learning environment with unmatched teacher-to-child ratios. We believe that children excel in a small group of learners where each child gets individual attention and a customized approach to learning.

Mission Statement

Tiny BaBe's Playhouse is committed in providing your beloved kids the nourishing environment they need for comprehensive learning. Our individualized approach is carefully implemented to deliver optimum development in every child in our center. They are given the guidance not only with their learning development but also with their emotional and social aspects.